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from the ground up...

seduced by Madrid's mystique,  way back in 2000...

I invested my savings as an international fashion model, founding the property development company,  METAMORFOSIS.

driven to control and coordinate our rehabilitation projects, I  formalized my interior design education at Madrid´s top design university I.E.D(where I know teach!!!)  followed by a master in ·D design from CICE, too stay hip & cool!!!

my claim to fame: daddy was on the CN TOWER construction team, that put our toronto skyline on the world record map at 553m tall.

I thrive from the diversity of design through our clients, projects and the plethora of media platforms, collaborating with magazines, hosting CASA CON ESTILO on CANAL DECASA, writting for HOUZZ, teaching at my "almer mater", madrid´s top design universitty, IED  and now openning our new showroom,


Everyday is full of surprises... intense & unpredictable.

nikohl cadeau | METAMORFOSIS

canadian born devoted to design & "working to live".

there´s no "i" in team...

a sucessful interior design business is all about working with the right pro´s.

we have scoured madrid over the years to build a team with the best tradesmen.

I work exclusively with my contractor,  because they get the job done right, on budget & on time. 

because...TIME IS MONEY!